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Africa / African American Conection with Judah Israel and the Holy Land


The Historical Connection

Prior to the excavation of the Suez Canal (1859-69), the entire Arabian Peninsula and what is known today as the Middle East were physically connected with the African continent. African people lived and moved freely throughout this region of the world. Later, after the invasion of the Romans in 70 C.E., remnants of the Hebrew Israelites were driven out of Jerusalem and for more than 1,000 years many of them migrated across the continent, eventually reaching West Africa . They were then carried to the Americas where they became victims of the most cruel and inhumane slavery in recorded history. However, according to the word of God, they would eventually be led back to their homeland (Israel) to fulfill their prophetic destiny.

The many biblical references of various interactions between the ancient Israelites and African peoples and places, further support the connection between African-Americans and the Holy Land (e.g. King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, migration to and enslavement in Egypt ). Thus, it is not hard to see that Hebrew Israelites were among the one hundred million taken from Africa during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Not to mention, the remnants of their Hebraic heritage laced in the lyrics of slave songs or spirituals, such as "Canaan's Land where my possessions lie...," the adopted colloquial language and much more. They never stopped praising the God of Israel nor turned their eyes from Zion .

African Edenic Heritage Excursions - Historical Facts - the divine intervention that will take you to the land of Israel! The real name for Africa is Eden, and Israel is in Northeast Africa; the original Garden of Eden!

African American

An African American (also Afro-American, Black American, or simply black), is a member of an ethnic group in the United States whose ancestors, usually in predominant part, were indigenous to Africa. Many African Americans have European and/or Native American ancestry as well. The term refers specifically to black African ancestry.

The term "African American" has been in common usage in the United States since the late 1980s, when greater numbers of African Americans began to adopt the term self-referentially. Malcolm X favored the term "African American" over "Negro" and used the term at an OAAU (Organization of Afro American Unity) meeting in the early 1960s, saying, "Twenty-two million African-Americans - that's what we are - Africans who are in America."



Former NBA player/coach Lenny Wilkens is another who used the term as a teenager when filling a job application. Many blacks began to abandon the term "Afro-American", which had become popular in the 1960s and '70s, for "African-American," because they desired an unabbreviated expression of their African heritage that could not be mistaken or derided as an allusion to the afro hairstyle. The term became increasingly popular, and by the 1980s, Jesse Jackson and others pressed for its adoption and acceptance.

Users of the term argued that "African-American" was more in keeping with the nation's immigrant tradition of so-called "hyphenated Americans", who were known by terms like "Irish-American", or "Chinese-American", "Polish-American"), which link people with their, or their ancestors', geographic points of origin.


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The African American Experiences is a collection of Black Studies to understand the Past, Present and Future of the People called African American!

"Wealth is to have your own Land, Language and Culture! Where is the Land of the African American? What is the Language? And, Where is the Culture of the people?"



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