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African Edenic Music

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African Voices: Songs of Life

This is a rare, out of print Selection that can be considered hard to find now. Please note the item includes only the disc itself, and the inside front insert.

African Voices: Songs of Life

"Let the rhythm of our music take you to heaven on earth."

During the first years of our child's life, musical skills build self-esteem and enhance expression. Love, respect, and appreciation for music are easy to share with our children and build life skills at the same time.

Music is clearly a resource for living, growing, and learning and can be an integral part of our children's growing experiences. Nurture Your Child's Gift of Music Love, respect, and appreciation for music are easy to share with our children and build life skills at the same time.

Music provide a series of thought waves that causes the person to think wise or foolish things. It can cause you to do "good" or "evil". It can determin the very mood of a people. There is a positive alternative to the music which is destroying the minds of the people today!

Music has been recognised and used in Therapy Music for a considerable time as a means which can reduce stress and pain and improve one's mood.

Music is the ability to use one's voice in the singing of praises and joy to Yah Almighty for the benefit of others; or to play a musical instrument to the praise of Almighty Yah and for the benefit of other listeners.

Enjoy the best from African Edenic music. Let the rhythm of our music take you to heaven on earth. Music for Praise and entertainment... return to Eden with redemptive rhythms.

Songs of Deliverance


African Sunrise [Soundtrack]

Awaken your spirit with African Sunrise, a powerful collection of uplifting vocals and contemporary melodies that radiate the musical roots and rhythms of a land and its people. Instrumentation includes djembe, marimba, congas, shakers, whistle, bells, guitars, bass & keyboards.

African Sunrise


African Beat

African Beat features artists who are as likely to have traditional African drumming, soukous and mbaqanga on their iPods as they are the latest European dubstep and US hip-hop. These tracks reveal that even in this globalized, hi-tech world, the divide between the past and the future is not as great as it may seem. Songs by musicians with deep connections to their roots, including Vieux Farka Touré and Les Barons, are remixed and reworked by Western DJs. The music of South Africa's Busi Mhlongo, Senegal's Lëk Sèn and Malian/French group Donso reveals how hip-hop, electronica and other urban musical styles have been incorporated into traditional African music, taking it in surprising new directions.

African Beat

Music is much more than a form of entertainment...

Music"...has far-reaching, hypnotic effects on the brain and soul, and can take complete control of the body and mind... it stands to reason and we must beware, for the effects can be good or evil." Ben Ammi; God The Black Man and Truth pg 27

Songs of Deliverance


For Music that's much more than a form of entertainment; Ahdaiyah or The New Jerusalem Fire Choir: Songs of Deliverance!

The New Jerusalem Fire Choir

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