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Black Buying Power - Empowering the Black dollar

Path: Market African Americans AfroAmerican Entrepreneurs

African Americans need to create more businesses instead of looking to the job market!

The African American communities need to promote themselves as partners and investors and not as merely consumers and workers. African American leadership is at an impasse, and so is the rest of America, to produce economic development models that benefit the inner cities people and poor black enclaves who live there.

Income, the money we earn, determines the quality of our day-to-day lives. However, wealth is the resources we save and accumulate from the income we earn. It is this wealth that determines the quality of the life we live in the long term by providing both access to further opportunities and a cushion against hard times.

Black Buying Power

The African American Entrepreneur reports that: "On the eve of the Civil War, the collective wealth of free blacks was approximately $50 million. In 2006, African Americans earned a whopping $744 billion, a figure that exceeds the gross domestic product of all but 15 nations of the 192 independent countries in the world."


500 Black Business Secrets

This E-book, Written For Aspiring And Established African American Entrepreneurs, Offers 500 Secrets And Tips On How To Build And Maintain A Successful Business. Click Here!


African-Americans and Africa

Not much has been said about the growing relationship between Africans and African-Americans, it it time for the story to be told.

The relationship between Africans and African-Americans is becoming more beneficial and is essential for the survival of both the African and the African American. There is a major shift in opinion between the two groups taking place as of 2010 with a continuation of the rapid growth of African-American wealth playing a part in African development.

Resourceful and wealthy African-Americans will continue to invest in African culture and politics, both on the continent and abroad, while Africans borrow from African-American history for lessons on developing an international identity. Particularly, a growing number of African-American entertainers and business people will see Africa as an extension of their life in the United States. some will even maintain plans to buy and move to the continent seeking a more personally and financially fruitful life.

Africans will also begin to formally recognize this trend and capitalize on the brain gain. As more African-Americans look to Africa, African will become more high profile in African-American press.

The Black dollar: business investing for African American entrepreneurship and small biz

If you've always dreamed of starting a business, now is the time. The Internet has completely leveled the playing field for anyone and everyone looking to start a business. However, passion alone won't run your business. You need to have something that people want to buy or invest in.


Black Business Secrets: 500 Tips, Strategies, and Resources for the African American Entrepreneur

By Dante Lee [Author]

Book Description

"Should I lower my price point? Give my new product away for free online? How do I compete when my goods, services, or business model might be duplicated?" In this candid, 21st-century-savvy guide, Dante Lee illustrates how passion can become profit by addressing the questions that every businessperson needs to ask. Black Business Secrets discusses the entrepreneurial skills that African-American business owners must master in order to compete in a world where most new companies fail within three years.

Whether you're a weekend entrepreneur or a career-changing professional, Lee's motto-"don't be a worrier, be a warrior"-applies. From personal branding to best practices, this empowering blueprint offers surefire tips and strategies designed to ensure business survival and success.


Black Business Secrets: 500 Tips, Strategies, and Resources for the African American Entrepreneur

About the Author

Dante Lee is the 28-year-old president and CEO of Diversity City Media, an African-American marketing and public-relations firm based in Columbus, Ohio. Founded in 2000, this award-winning company-known for its marquee online businesses,, and -helps clients from corporations to start-ups penetrate the African-American consumer market. A respected motivational speaker and diversity consultant, Lee is the cofounder of Lee Moss Media, whose social-networking properties, including,, and, collectively attract over two million African-American visitors each month. Recognized by top media outlets MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and Black Enterprise, Lee is showcased in Ebony's 2010 Young Entrepreneurs list.


Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need

Book Description

BE YOUR OWN BOSS "Entrepreneurs enjoy a freedom few ever know. Starting your own business is one of the few remaining paths to wealth-and this book is a valuable road map."
Robert K. Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

Tap into more than 30 years of small business expertise as you embark on the most game-changing journey of your life - your new business.

This unmatched guide - the best-selling business startup book of all time - offers critical startup essentials and a current, comprehensive view of what it takes to survive the crucial first three years, giving your exactly what you need to survive and succeed. Plus, you'll get advice and insight from experts and practicing entrepreneurs, all offering common-sense approaches and solutions to a wide range of challenges.


Start Your Own Business, Fifth Edition: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need

About the Author

For more than 30 years, Entrepreneur Media has been setting the course for small business success. From startup to retirement, millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners trust the Entrepreneur Media family-Entrepreneur magazine,, Entrepreneur Press,,, and our industry partners-to point them in the right direction. The Entrepreneur Media family is regarded as a beacon within the small to midsized business community, providing outstanding content, fresh opportunities, and innovative ways to push publishing, small business, and entrepreneurship forward.


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The African American Experiences is a collection of Black Studies to understand the Past, Present and Future of the People called African American!

"Wealth is to have your own Land, Language and Culture! Where is the Land of the African American? What is the Language? And, Where is the Culture of the people?"




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