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Path: MetaPhysics of Prosperity

Metaphysics of Money and Prosperity

Metaphysics of Money

Metaphysics is derived from Greek roots, 'meta' which means beyond or after, and 'physics' which means the study of the knowledge (science) of matter and energy. Thus it is the analysis of reality, including the relationship between mind (the non-physical) and matter (the physical).

The relationship between our thoughts, emotions and beliefs form the results that we experience. This means that all our thoughts, emotions and beliefs about money creates the money energy or 'vibration' or (spirit / life) that attract to us the amount of money we feel we deserve.

Despite the economy or your past experiences, it’s possible to change your present conditions towards prosperity. Increasing your beliefs about how much money you deserve will increase your money vibrations, resulting in attracting more money to you. The time is Now to start living an abundant life.

How Money Energy Works

Just like the water that seeks its own level, there is a Universal Corrective Force (UCF) that will bring balance and harmony to one's life! There is/are Universal Laws, - The Source Of All Health, All Wealth, All Happiness, Joy, Profound Peace, Assurance and Fulfillment.

UCF is a/the force which is at one with the elements of the Earth and the elements of the Universe. It is a universal methodology 'designed' to satisfy the need for effective Corrective and Preventive Actions (Global and Universal Harmonization).

When living in sync with Divine universal laws, economic hardship will disappear - you need only have faith, focus, and fundamental knowledge to succeed.

Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity Consciousness is a Mind-Set employed by metaphysicians to consciously attract a higher level of abundance in their lives. It is a term which describes our mental attitudes about prosperity. The person who practices prosperity consciousness makes an active decision to believe and expect to manifest prosperity is his or her life.

While the term or phrase, Prosperity consciousness is considered to be a teaching often associated with the New Age and New Thought communities, it is also a term sometimes used by financial professionals. It describes the belief that by opening one's mind to the financial opportunities in the world, and by living life with a perspective that welcomes financial resources, one will bring financial wealth into one's life.

Prosperity consciousness is based primarily on the belief in the Law of Attraction and its use for attracting more wealth. Attracting prosperity works on the principle that, what you believe and what you surround yourself with will attract similar things. As a principle, this concepts predates the New Age and New Thought communities. From ancient times, we have been taught to be careful about who we associate with, including friends and family. While attracting prosperity is often presented as some strange metaphysical system; it is basically good old common sense.

It can be seen in Karma - the law of moral causation, the theory that is a fundamental doctrine in Buddhism, yet its a belief that was prevalent in India before the advent of the Buddha. And, we have such as "Birds of a feather flock together", and "Water seeks its own level".

Being prosperous or successful is not an easy task - it is a huge responsibility and you must be well prepared for it. You need to change the way your mind think and perceive things - "being transformed by the renewing of your mind". Attracting prosperity is a state of mind in which you attract the amount of prosperity you think you deserve. One of the best ways of renewing your mind is by reading. Successful people are great readers.

Metaphysics of Prosperity: Overcoming Poverty

Poverty by definition is an urgent need for more goods such as money and material possessions, a sense of belonging, or self-worth that has not been met. The state of being in poverty, over time, will create a poverty mindset. This is the belief about self and one's environment that limits perceptions, choices, motivations, and behaviors in ways that tend to perpetuate the condition of poverty. The underlying assumption here is that the fundamental focus of change is one's current mindset. One's mindset has to change if they desire to escape their impoverished conditions and develop a program that can successfully break their cycle of poverty.

We live in an abundant universe. When we understand this concept throughout every fiber of our being - then we began to transform our view of money from that of materialistic to a spiritual. Spiritually and Metaphysically, money represents a form of Creative energy. Our world is full of this life nourishing energy, there is plenty for all of us - it is an expression of life and not the measure of it. This flow of energy is what nourishes the life within us - it is vital to life.

Money is simply human energy, produced by work, that manifest as material goods. Human energy and intellect, driven by desire, produce or create real wealth. When one works a 'job' - expending life force by working, that person receives a certain amount of 'money' in return. Poverty is a limiting belief system that causes many people to project their unresolved issues onto money, religion, sex, power, family, unresolved karma, self worth or a host of other possibilities.

In order to obtain prosperity, we must first realize that money is not bad, rich people are not evil, and one does not have to be poor in order to be spiritual. You have to accept abundance and prosperity as your birthright to the point that you do nothing that will sabotage your success. This will form a clear path for the flow of vital energy that creates wealth in our life.

Prosperity Guidance

The source of all wealth is the mind. Achieving total wealth and being able to enjoy unlimited riches is a matter of cultivating a proper attitude concerning prosperity. With proper guidance, any of us can become wealthy, even millionaires.

The dream of becoming a millionaire has been a part of the American mind-set for centuries. Today that dream is closer to reality than ever before. Can you imagine yourself a millionaire? The path to becoming a millionaire first start with a dream. But we must dare to choose prosperity and abundance. At some point in time, we must stop dreaming and start doing. In other words, we must put desire into action. The vision or dream is the fuel for our desire and action is motivated by the flames of our desire.

A burning desire, coupled with correct action is the beginning of success. Become a master at creating magnificent images and strong desire in your mind by always thinking Big. And always choose your thoughts, words and phrases wisely, replacing any nrgative with positive thoughts and action. By thinking and speaking positive thoughts and words, even before you totally accept the postive mental concept, you began programing your mind and spirit for success.

We should meditate daily for guidance and direction on every question that affect our lives. There is a "force" in the universe, The Universal Corrective Force, that can provide all the answers to any question, challenge or situation we face. We have the ability to tap into this knowledge by silencing our over reactive mind. We simple must go within to discover the answer in silence sometimes.

Metaphysics of Spirit, Mind and Body

The difference between religion and spirituality can make a major difference to our peace of mind and inner peace. Spirituality is the solution to the global challenges, our personal needs and the cure to place our social condition back in harmony with the Divine. It allows us to live in the moment and change old negative patterns and heal the wounds of the past. Spirituality will transform our relationships, allow us to raise spiritually aware children and resolve ongoing stress, regardless of its source. In addition, we'll learn how to find our life’s purpose and how to achieve unconditional True Peace.

The multi-dimensional nature of spirituality helps us to develope inner serenity. Thus, mastering the Art of Inner Peace begins with us mastering our Spiritual intelligence. At a time when religious fundamentalism is having a huge impact upon the world, there is a need to make a radically change to our education system. It has to allow for the new evidence that demonstrates that we each hold the power to speak directly to the force that links all of creation.

Spirituality is a wholistic brain experience that help us to process teachings on both intellectual and emotional levels. Then we can apply anecdotes, metaphors, quotes, humour, of varied cultural and religious principles and Eastern philosophies to our own special personal experience to reflect non-traditional Enlightenment.

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