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What makes LinkShare different from other affiliate networks?

There are many affiliate marketing networks to choose from and you want to spend your valuable time on the network that will generate the most commissions for your business. LinkShare maintains one of the most successful affiliate marketing networks in the world. Leading publishers and advertisers from almost every vertical have chosen LinkShare to help increase their online revenue. We stand apart from other affiliate marketing networks in terms of experience, technology, and network quality and integrity.

LinkShare has signed on some of the most prestigious and well-known brands in the world including Wal-Mart, Macy's, Clinique, OfficeDepot, Apple iTunes, and hundreds more!

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LinkShare is a leading provider of full-service online marketing solutions specializing in the areas of Affiliate Marketing, Search Marketing, and Lead Generation. As the online marketing industry continues to evolve at a fast pace, advertisers, publishers and agencies are turning to LinkShare for technology innovation, superior service and most importantly - RESULTS!

Refer a friend to LinkShare and earn revenue through email, textual, banner & newsletters links placed on your website.

Technological Innovation Drives Results

LinkShare recently introduced a completely redesigned user interface for Publishers - the LinkShare Publisher Dashboard - to rave reviews. A simple, elegant design allows you to easily find and join advertiser programs and then locate the best links for your Web site. Plus you can see how your commissions are stacking up at any given moment in time with our easy-to-understand reporting capabilities.

Unlike some affiliate marketing networks, LinkShare offers many innovative link technologies that help you keep your advertiser links fresh and up-to-date including Merchandiser Product Feeds; Dynamic Rich Media (DRM); Flex Links for video, widgets, and Flash content; and Mobile Links for those publishers on the cutting edge of the next e-commerce trend. Explore this Help Center for more information on LinkShare tools and technology.

As a publisher, you will have access to links and banners that you can place on your Web site, blog, or in Emails. These links will drive traffic to advertisers' Web sites. Advertisers will pay a commission for each purchase or qualifying action you generate for them. LinkShare acts as the trusted third-party that brings together both advertisers and publishers.

LinkShare is an e-commerce business solution for over 3.5 million online relationships. Become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network for FREE and earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants. Refer a friend to LinkShare and earn revenue through email, textual, banner & newsletters links placed on your website.

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