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Path: Marketing Methods 5 Steps to Advertising Success

5 Steps to Advertising Success!

Your advertising success depends on this five step process.

1) Targeted Advertising

Take time to research and plan your advertising efforts. Many businesses get great results from their advertising because they reach a targeted group of prospects who are interested in what they are selling. This is called targeted advertising.

Study your product or service to find ways in which you can reach a concentrated group of prospects. Create a message designed to appeal to the needs and interests of this specific group and you are more likely to interest them in your product or service.

Use direct mail to generate traffic to your web site. It's a great way to bypass the heavy competition online. Add a copy of your URL in everything you mail out.


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2) Focuse on Benefits

Benefits sell, not facts about your product or service. facts don't sell. However, the benefits must be true to maximize the results you get from your advertising efforts. When your Ad focus on the benefit it provides, it attracts attention and creates excitement which generates sales.

3) Continuous advertising

Develop a plan of regularly scheduled advertising. Continuous advertising produces steady growth. Follow your plan of regularly scheduled advertising regardless of your sales volume.

4) Devotion to Customers

Customers are prospects too; Devote some of your advertising efforts to attracting new customers. But remember to devote some effort to cultivating these prospects for future sales. Most potential customers will not buy the first time they hear or see your advertisings. However, many will buy later if you follow up with them. Your follow up can be as simple as contacting them, in two or three days, with a new offer.

Stay in contact with your Customers, they are prospects also. Offer them "back-end" products or services. It's easier to make a sale to a previous customer than to new prespects who has never bought from you. Back-end products are products or services which are related to your initial offer.

5) Effective Copycat Advertising

You can copy competitors advertising ideas, but not their exact methods and words. This can be effective for quick results. However, as more and more competitors copy the same idea the results will decline. Improve on your competitors advertising ideas. Create something better - something uniquely you.

Always include a unique bonus only you can offer.

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