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Advertise your site or product using AdSheets!

With so many people trying to advertise on the Internet, it is difficult to be different. Mail Order is an old business with a new twist. Ad Sheets are wide open for the right offers.

Ad sheets are trade papers read almost exclusively by Opportunity Seekers, who are, in reality, aspiring Mail Order Dealers. They will only buy merchandise that will help them in the operation of their Mail Order Business.

If you have a product or service that can benefit them in their business, reach more customers, cheaper services like advertising or printing services, then you can do well to advertise in AdSheets.

Most products can be sold via mail order! Some of us remember the early days of the Mail-Order catalogs. You could get just about anything from Animal supplies for your farm to toy Zeppelins for your childrens. However, Information is todays fastest selling product for mail order. Mail Order is a method of doing business. The product you sell usually defines your business. For instance, book dealer, car salesperson or Ad Sheet publisher. If you have business products or services to market, ProfitIncome Adsheets can help you reach true opportunity seekers!

Targeted MailOrder Advertisement to Opportunity Seekers.

Most Emails do not get opened, even the opt-in email! Opportunity seekers who receive a good MailOrder piece, such as AdSheets, read more of the Ads looking for the best opportunity.

Use AdSheet advertising to promote your web site. MailOrder is still the most effective way to get your product or service noticed! They are sent to targeted groups of prospects.

Ad Sheet Circulation (mailed when full)

Get your advertisement in front of 1000+ opportunity seekers for only $7 per (30) words classified Ad.

Ad type (Camera Ready Display)

1 inch x 2.25 inch ad $4.00
2 inch x 2.25 inch ad $6.00
3 inch x 2.25 inch ad $15.00

No Adult, no Occult Ads Please!

This is a Family Publication with respect for children

Ads for USA and Canada residents only!

Send your Ad(s) and payment (USA funds Only) to:
Sherwood Lummus
PO Box 10841
Atlanta, Ga. 30310-0841

Free "Checking Copy" with Advertising Order;

For a sample copy of "ProfitIncome Adsheet"
send $2.00 (USA funds Only) to:

Sherwood Lummus
PO Box 10841
Atlanta, Ga. 30310-0841


Sample Ad (1" x 2.25" Camera Ready)

For a sample copy of "ProfitIncome Adsheet"
send $2.00 (USA funds Only) to:
Sherwood Lummus
PO Box 10841
Atlanta, Ga. 30310-0841

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