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Vietnam - 101st Airborne

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Tribute to the Aircrafts in my aviation career

UH-1 Iroquois (Huey)

The Bell Helicopter Textron UH-1 Iroquois, commonly known as the "Huey", is a multipurpose military helicopter, famous for its use in the Vietnam War. The "U" stands for utility, in contrast to attack or cargo helicopters.

The UH-1 was developed from 1955 US Army trials with the Bell Model 204. The initial designation of HU-1 (helicopter utility) led to its nickname, Huey. It was first used by the military in 1959 and went into tri-service production in 1962 as the UH-1. The last were produced in 1976 with more than 16,000 made in total,[1] of which about 7,000 saw use during the Vietnam War.

In Vietnam, 2,202 Huey pilots were killed and approximately 2,500 aircraft were lost, roughly half to combat and the rest to operational accidents.


Huey model helicopter

Lindberg 1:48 scale UH-1 Huey "Iroquois"

The Huey helicopter has been around for four decades. It was used extensively in Vienam This comes with detailed replica, authentic replica. Detailed interior and authentic decals included. Is easy to build.

Product Description
1-48 Scale. Simple easy kits by Lindberg from old tooling that has been cleaned up. Complete with instructions, weapons systems, pilot figure and colorful decals and price is right! Skill level 2.


Hughes TH-55 Osage, Army Flight training

Flight training started with the Hughes TH-55 Osage, a piston-powered light training helicopter produced for the United States Army. It was also produced as the Model 269 family of light utility helicopters, some of which were maketed as the Model 300. The Model 300C was produced and further developed by Schweizer after 1983.

While the Army hadn't found the Model 269 adequate for combat missions, in 1964 it adopted the Model 269A as its training helicopter to replace the TH-23 and designated it the TH-55A Osage. 792 TH-55 helicopters would be delivered by 1969, and it would remain in service as the Army's primary helicopter trainer until it was replaced in 1988 by the UH-1 Huey. At the time of its replacement, over 60,000 Army pilots had trained on TH-55 making it the Army's longest serving training helicopter.


Cessna 150

E-Flite Cessna 150 Aerobat 250 ARF RC Airplane

E-Flite Cessna 150 Aerobat 250 ARF RC Airplane
Authentic scale outline and lightweight UltraCote ParkLite trim scheme Balsa construction with fiberglass cowl and wheel pants Laser-cut engineered to be as light as possible Magnetically secured plug-in wings and cowl Clear front, rear, side and skylight windows Pre-hinged ailerons and rudder controls Easily assembles in a single evening Easy access hatch with spring-loaded latch Quick release struts E-flite aluminum spinner available separately (EFLSP100) Recommended for use with the New Park


101st Airborne - Screaming Eagles - in Vietnam

A Shau Valley 1968

Vietnam - 101st Airborne

101st Airborne Division In The A Shau Valley 1969-1971




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