Genesis Early Learning and Child Development Center


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Providing care for children ages 6 weeks to 4 years and after school programs up to age 12






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Genesis Early Learning and
Child Development Center


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.


876 Allene Ave. SW
Atlanta, GA 30310


Phone: 404-753-3377
E-mail: Genesisearlylear @


Our Mission

The mission of Genesis Early Learning & Child Development Center is to provide high quality child care through a spiritually enriched curriculum in a holistic environment. This is met by providing the highest level of Yah (God) centered spirituality. Genesis engages children in activities that encourage well-rounded spirituality, physical health and critical thinking.

Professional Staff

Our staff is composed of dedicated men and women with a proven history of community service, all committed to giving each child the individual attention, love and nurturing they need. We have carefully selected premiere child care providers based upon their background, education, early child care training , and experience teaching young children.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum extends beyond emerging national standards, and emphasizes character building.

Genesis provides motivational activities that build important foundations toward the development of positive character traits (Abeka Curriculum), reading, math, and future academic skill. Infants and toddlers are engaged in sensory, fine motor and language skill as well as social–emotional development, creative expression , phonics reading, readiness, and health and safety skills. Pre-schoolers are equipped with perceptual motor and comprehension skills, auditory development, group identification, self-esteem and hands-on education through field study.

Nutritional Standards

At Genesis we are committed to meeting the highest nutritional standard for children by providing the finest quality of natural ingredient available. Our nutrition staff has over 30 years of experience preparing vegan and vegetarian food. Our staff of nutritionists are know internationally for creating and preparing healthy delicious Vegan cuisine.

Community Involvement

The presence of Genesis in the historic Adair Park/West End area of Atlanta has introduced viable alternative solutions needed in revitalizing the community. Along with 30 plus years of child development expertise, our active participation in the community contributes to the growth of future community leaders.



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