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America 2012:
'Change agent' for a better tomorrow

Obama: Best thing for the prophetic future of America!

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Obama: 'Change agent' for America

America, referring to the United States, was officially 234 years old on July 4, 2010. As of today, 10-05-2012, President Obama is the best thing (politically) that has happened to America in it's 236 year history. American should ellect him for a second term. However, it seem that many people wish for America to go "backwards" instead of progressing into the future of this growing global society. So far, President Obama is the only American president that has the vision and understanding to propel the American people into a genuine society that embrace peace and well-being for all people. Those who would have America return to the old way that they claim made America strong, would have us to believe that we need more military spending, i.e. more war, and more money for the already rich instead of helping all Americans be equally Blessed with the abondance of this land.

The age of America, as it use to be, is expected to end as China's economy and China's military eventually be larger than the U.S.'s economy and military, which will mean the U.S. will no longer be the most powerful country in the world. It would be more benificial for the American people to rethink their social beliefs and make friend, true friend, instead of enemies. President Obama is the American president who has that type of social skills. However, it seems that those who prefer war and enemies, want to take the president to task on being sociable - "inclined by nature to companionship with others of the same species".

The notion of change is continuously evoked in social and political discourse. "Change" is Barack Obama's promise to introduce "the agenda of change" to US (and world) politics during his 2008 presidential campaign. Barack Obama was named Top Agent of Change in Rolling Stone magazine. In his presidential campaign, Barack Obama crafted an image as an unconventional candidate, a change agent and a post-partisan politician who represents a dramatic break from the status quo.

President Obama is a change agent (a person whose presence or thought processes cause a change from the traditional way of handling or thinking about a problem). He is causing the American people to become aware of their short comings as well as the short comings of America as a nation. A change agent is fueled by passion, and inspires passion in others - it is a person who "alters human capability or organizational systems to achieve a higher degree of output or self actualization." The actions of the change agent is intended to enable people to do more, to find a new and better perspectives on life. It a person who leads change within an organization by championing the change, and managing and planning its implementation.

Those who see this and seek to improve the situation, see Obama and his "Change" as being good for the future of the people of the earth. Those who do not wish to face their problems nor the problems of America's stagnant culture - see "Obama Change" as something bad!

People, in general, usually have a love/hate relationship with change.

If things stay too stagnant for too long, people will get terribly bored. When too many things change all at once, people find them self desperately seeking comfort in the "old" familiar things.

Recently, America has seen a lot of change. Some see it as mostly positive while others see it as negative. I am genuinely happy about it all - the positive and the negative view-points.

Life is like a carousel that’s spinning and you may want to get off. However, believe it or not, change is good for you. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Changes makes you flexible. In the "eastern" mindset: change helps you be 'fluid' so that you can go with the flow. Being resistant to new things (change) will make a normal situation of change seem more stressing.
  • Adapting to change makes you smarter. If there was no change, you'd never learn anything new. Every time you learn a new skill (even if it’s just how to adapt), you are much smarter than you were the day before. Even growing from baby to adulthood is a matter of change.
  • When we see change take place (whether it’s in our life or the life of some one else), it provide us the encouragement to know that nothing stays the same forever. Change reminds us that anything is possible. We can be sure that the career that we desire will manifest or the marriage we hope for will come to be.

America in need of change!

Change is good, however, it can also be really hard. America, large companies and people in general, are somewhat alike — once they get use to a certain behavior, they develop a set of procedures, processes and a work environment that defines them and their future - it is called culture. Positive change requires a good amount of self-awareness.

America is in need of socialablity (the skill, tendency or property of being sociable or social, of interacting well with others)! Those who fear change, or desire the "old ways", call this change towards Socialablity a bad or wrong move. The American people who see the Obama Change as negative, fail to see the Old behaviors and patterns of American culture as something bad. They want to bring back the "good old days" that were bad for most everyone. True positive change is about the motivation to be a brand new person — a person without bad behavior patterns. To do "right" towards others regardless of the color of their skin, their gender or the country in which they were born.

Change is the one constant in life and as much as we like things to remain the same, sometime a change is necessary. Change is always good because it is the nature of reality. It is when we are stagnant and doing the same old thing, that we transpose the bad of being stagnant to the idea that the change is what's bad. When the changes seem too much to handle, some people see them as 'bad" instead of seeing the lack of ability and faults within themselves.

Sociability, Obama and Business

Sociability is a leader’s inclination to seek out pleasant social relationships. Leaders who show sociability are friendly, outgoing, courteous, tactful, and diplomatic. They are sensitive to others’ needs and show concern for their well-being.

African-American president, Barack Obama is charismatic, among many other things, and has that all important trait for leaders - sociability.

The concept of successful businessmen mentoring selected high-potential social entrepreneurs is not new. However, Mitt Romney assault President Barack Obama on his sociability and his comments concerning business sharing with others. Every entrepreneur should have a mentor - someone who's been down that road before and can share their wisdom on an ongoing basis. Imagine having someone like management guru Peter Drucker as your business mentor. A great mentor will become not only your advisor, but likely your friend and confidante, as well.

Everyone need to be an entrepreneur. Business Mentorship is designed to help the person and their business succeed. America is in a lot of trouble, partly due to "Big Business" willfully destroying little business and "Mom and Pop" businesses for greed alone. However, entrepreneurship is a big part of the answer to the job market and the means to boost the economy.

There is an unholy alliance between "big government" and "big business." Both parties of politicians give plenty of lip service to helping small businesses. However, "big government" and "small government" seems committed to giving "big business" a competitive advantage over the everyday worker and small business person. It would seem that the real argument against Obama, is against him helping the average American to better himself or herself.

Believe it or not, however, sometimes - some big businesses really do help out small businesses. That is good as long as the small business do not get too dependent on them.


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