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African Garments

Traditional Print Drummer Poncho (C-M081)

Traditional print drummer poncho for everyday impression making and very durable. 100% cotton. Breathable. Open arms and thick soft embroidery. Fits up to 54" chest. 34" long. 100% cotton. Made in Ghana. Hand wash in cold water.


African Print Skirt Set: Leaf Design

Beautiful African skirt set to wear. Wrap skirt - 64" x 45". Top fits up to 40" bust and 20" long. 100% cotton. Made in the Gambia.


Embroidered Cotton Lace Skirt Set (C-WS910)

Embroidered Lace Cotton Skirt Set Sophisticated and stylish this embroidered lace cotton skirt set is an African design for special occasions. It has a lace tunic top in white that is accented in a color that matches the skirt. You may choose from a variety of colors for the skirt and tunic accents. The skirt is wrapped around your waist and tied off with 2 straps. Comes with a head scarf. Made in Thailand of 100% cotton. Wash separately in cold water.


Kente Pant Set (C-U168)

The complete African expression. Stand out in a stylish and comfortable Kente Pant Set. Comes in two vivid and colorful patterns. It is a complete fashion statement with hat, dashiki, and pants that are made from 100% cotton. Dashiki: 52" chest, 29" length. Pants: Fits up to 32" waist. 41" length. 29" inseam. Made in India.


Brocade Pant Set: Kente & Ankh (C-M080)

Celebrate African style and comfort with this Brocade Pant Set. Embroidered with brightly colored Kente and Ankh symbols the set includes a drawstring pants with a 31” inseam and 43” length. Fits up to a 42” waist. The loose and flowing shore fits up 54” chest and 37” waist. A matching hat completes the look. 55% cotton/ 45% polyester. Wash separately in cold water. Manufactured in India.


Senegal-Made Traditional Print Dashiki (C-U165)

Each dashiki has a stand-out design, hue, and a soft, roomy feel. The border color on the dashiki may vary from the picture. Fits up to 56" bust. 34" length. Comes with two pockets. 100% cotton. Made in Senegal. Hand wash in cold water.


Traditional Print Sarong (C-WS944)

A sarong with holes for your arms. 52" long. 60" wide. 100% rayon.


African Print Long Skirt - Turq/Yellow

Great deals on african print long skirts - Tied with a bow at the waist, it is 42" long and fits up to 32" waist. Comes with 56" matching head scarf. 100% cotton.


Traditional Print Wrap Skirt/Pants (C-WS946)

Look like a queen in your traditional African wrap skirt - Let the wind blow through and look marvelous. 32" waist. 42" hips. 40" length. 27" inseam. 100% rayon.

The sarong (or sarung) is a large length of fabric, often wrapped around the waist. It is worn in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, East Africa, and on many Pacific islands. The fabric can be woven plaid or checkered patterns, or brightly colored using batik or ikat dyeing. Some of the modern sarongs have printed designs, often depicting animals or plants. Different types of sarongs are worn in different countries.


Traditional Print Panelled Skirt (C-WS947)

Fun voluminous skirt to wear everday. 48" length. Fits up to 36" waist. 100% cotton.


Black & Ivory Leggings (C-WS942)

Traditional Print Black Leggings. Comfort, ease, and culture together. 95% cotton/5% spandex. Made in China.


African Print Wrap Dress: Brn/Yel/Trq

Dress wraps around you like a robe with 2 straps to tighten waist. Fits up to a 55” bust and 52” length. 100% cotton. Made in India. Machine wash cold water. Gentle cycle dry.


Draw-String African Woman Kaftan (C-WS882)

Bring a piece of Africa to your wardrobe with this authentic draw-string African woman kaftan. This kaftan is colorful, comfortable and stylish. It comes in a variety of bold colors with depictions of African people woven into the borders of the kaftan. Fits up to a 56” bust and has a length of 46”. It is made in India of 100% polyester. Machine wash in cold water.


Heart Of Africa Dashiki: PLUS SIZES (C-U939)

Show your love for African style with this heart of Africa dashiki. Each on has an extraordinary heart-shaped dashiki-inspired design, hue and soft roomy feel. Comes in a variety of colors and plus sizes and has two convenient pockets. The border color on the dashiki may vary from one in picture. Machine wash cold. Medium iron. Do not bleach. Made in Thailand.


Traditional Print Long-Sleeve Dashiki (C-U940)

Stand out with the unique design of the traditional print on this long-sleeve dashiki. Soft and roomy it is designed for comfort and style. Available in a wide variety of colors and comes with two convenient pockets. Border colors and patterns may change. Made of 100% cotton. Best if hand washed in cold water. Made in India.


Mesh Top African Print Skirt Set

Beautiful African print skirt set with blouse, skirt and head scarf. Blouse fits up to 36" bust and is 23" in length. Wrap skirt measures 68" wide x 43" long. 100% cotton. Made in Ghana. Hand wash separately.


Traditional Print Wrap Dress (C-WF938)

Traditional Print Wrap Dress is great for an adjustable style. Dress wraps around and is tied off with attached cloth straps. Comes with head scarf. Wraps around up to 54" bust. 54" length. 100% cotton. Made in India. Machine wash in cold water.


Heavy Mud Print Hoodie Dashiki (C-U167)

Keep warm and styling with Chiwara designs. 100% cotton. Made in India. Hand wash in cold water.




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